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Tuesday, 06 November 2007

For those of you who have been wondering if the world opened up under my feet and swallowed me whole, or if the ferocious Neo-Nazi home-decorator squad came and got me, none of the above.

I've been cutting up deer, organizing my house, cutting up piles and piles of undonatable junk clothing into quilting squares, and trying to rid the yard of fall leaves.

Also, I've been volunteering as an ESL tutor.  So far, I've been teaching a Somali woman and a Ukranian man.  I highly recommend doing ESL tutoring for anyone who thinks that immigrants are just lazy slugs coming here to drain our society.  You wouldn't believe how hard-working and appreciative they are.  They are America's greatest fans, happy to be here, and looking forward to forging a great future in the "land of opportunity".  Programs can always use more tutors.

Oh yeah, and they've added three Kung Fu classes to my teaching schedule.  I've got my two special needs classes, two classes for typical children, and an adult class.  One of my classes has 20 students!  I might have a co-teacher as soon as one of the other second degree black belts returns from hernia surgery...but I don't know.  I might be on my own from now on!

Needless to say, time has been a little tight, but this Kung Fu teaching is starting to look more and more like a job than a marginally profitable hobby.

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Tuesday, 06 November 2007 15:58:48 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Where do you teach Kung Fu? I'd like to enroll my two daughters some day. My oldest daughter, at 21 months, has already demonstrated a keen ability to administer pain, using a solid head-butt to Daddy's face, and the occasional thunder-kick to the groin.
Tuesday, 06 November 2007 16:50:06 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

Our school has Kids Kung Fu classes through Plymouth Parks and Rec.on Tuesday or Thursday(the one I teach), Robbinsdale Community Education (Monday or Wednesday), Hopkins/Minnetonka Parks and Rec (Sat.), Eden Prairie Parks and Rec (Tuesday or Thursday.

Kids classes are once weekly. Adult classes are twice weekly. If you want your kid to go more than one day/week, you can sign them up for multiple days. Weapons and sparring classes are only available at the Hopkins/Minnetonka location, and are invitation-only to students of orange rank or higher.

You can contact the Community Ed/Parks and Rec programs directly to register. Tell SiFu I sent you. :-)

There is another school operating in most of these areas. Where we are in the Parks and Rec, they are in the Community ed. Where we are in community Ed, they are in Parks and Rec. The SiFu of that school is a competant martial artist, but I don't care for him for personal reasons.
Thursday, 08 November 2007 09:53:22 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I wondered why you hadn't been posting much. You've been a busy lady.

I just respect the hell out of the fact that you can butcher a deer.

I have problems cutting up a chicken!

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