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Tuesday, 15 November 2005

     It’s confession time people.  No, nothing disgusting, you can uncover your eyes now.  I’m a chocoholic.

     Not just any kind of chocolate.  No, I go in for the really good stuff.  I want chocolate that has enough cocoa butter to melt if you even THINK about picking it up.

     I like the kind of chocolate where one small square is enough to keep you in a bloodstream of endorphins all day long.  Then, I want two squares. 

     A while ago, my fellow addict, Jen, introduced me to a couple of very good chocolate brands.  One of these was Vosges Haut Chocolat.  I just finished off one of their bars of chocolate.  It took me three days to savor it properly, but in a fit of chocolate need, I finished it off tonight.

     It was their Naga Bar.  40% cacao, which is usually a little low for my liking.  I am a fan of the 70-85% cocoa content bars myself…but it’s not ALL about the cocoa content…just mostly.

     The Naga Bar is a blend of milk chocolate (I’m partial to darks, but not a purist), Sweet Indian curry power, and coconut flakes.  Love it.

     Now, I realize that as a blue-collar values country girl who shoots and butchers her own deer, the only thing that I should be within ten feet of that has “Naga” in the name is a gen-u-ine naga-hide sofa.

     I can’t help it.  It is not just chocolate.  It is chocolate that has a satiny sheen to it, a delicate balance of flavor.  It is subtle and sublime.  It is instant endorphins without the sweating and muscle aches.

     Yes, it’s pretentious as hell.  (Yes, of course hell is pretentious.  Can you imagine anything that would cause the damned more suffering than being around the insufferable?)

     Yes, it is overpriced.  Even worse, and a source of some guilt to me…I have no idea if it is slavery free.  I assure myself that it must be.  One of these days I’ll have the courage to investigate it further.

     I can’t help myself.

     The other titles of theirs that I like are:


1)      Red Fire Bar – 55% cacao dark chocolate with Mexican ancho y chipotle, chili peppers, and Ceylon cinnamon.

2)      Black Pearl Bar – 55% cacao dark chocolate with Japanese ginger, wasabi, and black sesame seeds.


For some other very good (and guilt-free chocolate-it’s slavery free.  Guilt about the calories, sugar and indulgence is your own problem) I like Equal Exchange.  They also sell coffee.  I like to buy free trade goods whenever I can.


Of course, Cote d'Or is also wonderful, and I love the Chocolate XOXOX Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate. (65% cocoa)  I find the rest of their stuff rather unremarkable by comparison to the aforementioned wonders…but the ginger stuff is good.


Sigh.  Life is good, because there is chocolate.  Good thing I ran five and a half miles today.


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