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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Blame it all on Jason Bock...who tagged me.


Four Jobs I've had...

·    Home Health aid for an emotionally abusive passive/aggressive Mormon quadriplegic.

·    Assembly Line Worker (put silica gel in the aluminum spacers between glass in double-paned windows.)

·    Leasing Agent

·    Software Tester

Four movies I can watch over and over...

·    Johnny Dangerously (“It shoots through schools”)

·    Crash (“And I’m like; ‘Yeah right.  Like you’re a fairy.’”)

·    Office Space (“Yeah…um…I’m going to have to go ahead and….”)

·    Labyrinth (“No, I said "'allo," but that's close enough.”)

Four TV shows I love to watch...

·    Stargate SG-1  (Daniel!)

·    Battlestar Galatica

·    The Daily Show (Jon!)

·    The Boondocks  

Four places I've been on vacation...

·    Barcelona, Spain

·    Interlake Region, about an hour outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

·    A tiny lakeside cabin in Grand Rapids, MN with my girlfriends doing silly stuff.  Beautiful view, no indoor plumbing. Endless inside jokes.  Fire.

·    San Francisco, CA

Four favorite dishes...

·    Oven fried Dixie Chicken

·    Red Lobster Cheesy Biscuits.

·    Meatball Tortellini Stew

·    BBQ shrimp Fajitas

Four websites I visit daily...

·    The Daily Kos

·    The New York Times

·    Eden Prairie Schools Portal (checking to make sure the kids have all their homework in)

·    Where the Hell Was I?

Four places I'd rather be...

·    In the Ring (as in fighting...not as in movie about watching a video that kills you)

·    Barcelona

·    Running in the mountains

·    Plymouth, United Kingdom

Four bloggers I'm tagging...



Magic Marmot

Conrad Zero

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