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Wednesday, 03 September 2008

 Rocky and I were at Dragon Con, rooming with our friends, Gary and Isa and a delightful German journalist named Robert.

I hadn’t mentioned it the first time I posted after we got home from Con.

So it didn’t make sense to some of you when I began hysterically babbeling about how great it was to briefly meet Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudik and spend the whole time talking about how great other people were instead of about how great THEY were.


So I met, shook hands with, and talked to two REALLY adorable men who play characters that, to put it mildly, totally float my boat.  So to speak.

So then I have a little bit of time, so I rush off to the blood drive to give blood.

They take my pulse:  60BPM

They take my blood pressure:  111/60 (up from 103/50 last time)

After walking a block and climbing a flight of stairs, and shaking hands with two of the cutest guys on the planet (in my humble opinion).

They stick me with a needle, and start my blood filling up the little pint bag…and I kid you not…I apparently didn’t have enough of a pulse rate or blood pressure to fill a pint bag even half-way before it started clotting, and they pulled my needle and sent me on my way…

…a failed blood donor.  Again. I got a packet of cookies, a bottle of water, and a free tee-shirt...oh yeah, and a huge purple bruise that's about five inches across.  To add insult to injury...after repeated wigglings and twiddlings of the needle from the nurse, blood began running out of my skin NEXT to the needle.   So - Epic fail in the blood donation front.

Sorry Nathan and Alan…it’s not you…it’s me.  I’m told this happens to lots of people from time-to-time. 

But I would have thought that if anything could have raised my pulse rate enough to successfully donate blood, it would be a close encounter with Captin’ tightpants and his soulful baby-brown eyes.

Obviously, I need not even TRY to donate blood until I’m at a Con where I can meet Michael Shanks or John Barrowman…

I’d be willing to try.  So I could give blood, of course.  Anything to help humanity.

And another service to humanity:  Here's the You-Tube video of their panel at DragonCon:


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Thursday, 04 September 2008 06:13:43 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Looks like a great panel!
Thursday, 04 September 2008 07:11:02 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
There was a lot of really cute stuff in it. I watched it on Dragon TV, because I didn't feel like waiting for four hours in a line that stretched AT LEASE through the hotel, outside, and half-way around the block...just to end up in the very back of the room where I couldn't see anything without resorting to the big screen.

Figured if I was going to watch it on a screen, it might as well be in my quiet hotel room with my shoes off and a cup of coffee in my hand.

Thursday, 04 September 2008 07:29:21 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
So fusking cool. Gotta say though, the repeated refferences to multi-hour lines give me a greater appreciation for CONvergence. Still probably gonna go next year if the finances are there.
Thanks for sharing that hon

Bob Wagner
Thursday, 04 September 2008 07:57:01 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

I heard that there were 60,000 people at Dragon Con on Saturday.

That's about five times the population of my hometown.
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