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Friday, 25 March 2005

     Alright, somebody do me a huge favor here.  Throw me a bone, and give me one example of how the Bob Jone’s Conservatives are not the same as the Taliban and Al Queda.  Because I would really like to be convinced.  It would help me sleep a LOT easier.


     Lessee…they got the whole “We got the only truth, and we know ‘cause God told us” thing going on.  They got the hostility to knowledge and education thing.  They got the “Persecuted people of God acting preemptively in self-defense” thing going on.  Oppression of women, check.  Blowing shit up (like, oh…say, abortion clinics) check.  Assassination attempts, check... (link found via Oliver Willis)


     It will be interesting to see if the Bush brothers comment on this at all…and if they do, just how far will they go to distance themselves from it.  And just how convincing will they be as they act as though their actions and rhetoric could never have been construed to encourage this sort of behavior.


     And DeLay, and all of the others who described Michael Schaivo as an evil murderer, compared him to Scott Peterson…assassinated his character, and publicly and repeatedly denied his humanity.  Pro-life my ass.  They are about as pro-life as a hand grenade.


     I believe that Sophocles said it best in his play “Oedipus Rex”:  “Oh sir, if you think this is mercy, may you never be in need of it.”


     Here are some more links that Oliver Willis has gathered together under the headings of “Armed Insurrection”  So far, he has five entries on the topic.


Priests for life urge right-to-lifers to “rise up” and deny the authority of the courts.


A man is arrested for stealing a gun, and states that he is doing it so he can “take action” to rescue Terri Schaivo.


Quote from Faux News about how Jeb should just get a bunch of his cops together and seize Terri and put the feeding tube back in.


Quote from Pat Buchanan urging Bush to send in Federal Marshals.


Oh yeah, they’re all about freedom, and life and American decency.


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Wednesday, 30 March 2005 17:38:54 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
It's amazing how selective "Pro-Life" is. It's pro-life for an unborn baby in America. It's pro-life for a woman in a vegatative state. However, the life of the doctor (though he might be able to save many lives) is not worth as much as the life of the baby or the brain-damaged woman. The life of the soldier (who might be the sole income-earner of a family of small children) needlessly sent into harm's way is not worth as much as an unborn baby or the severely brain-damaged woman. All of the women, pregnant with an unborn baby or in a vegetative state in Iraq and other countries under attack from the United States are not worth as much as these unborn babies and brain-damaged in America. is life. Be a bit more consistant about it, or give up the mantra.

As far as Terry Schaivo is concerned, I think that she should/could be kept alive if she is enjoying her life. Does she recognize her family? Is there communication happening there? Does she want to stay alive? We as the public don't know.

On the other hand, if she is just physically alive and no longer mentally there, then there is no sense in keeping her artificially alive. Especially if you are a Christian believing that everyone goes to heaven, let her go! Let her go to the Lord. If she is in pain, then let her die and not feel it anymore. If she is no longer able to live life, then let her go. Stop burdening her husband and the insurance company financially. Someone has to be paying for her upkeep. This is an example of the high cost of health care.

I'm all for doctor assisted suicide. Unfortunately, for this to be done, you need to know the wishes of the patient. Also, there would have to be a second, third, or maybe even fourth opinion from different doctors to avoid financially or racistly motivated euthenasia. There's no reason to keep someone alive if they've decided that they are done living, especially if the person has been diagnosed as terminally ill. Why make that person die an unpleasant painful death from starvation, or anything else, if it is possible to let them pick their time to go without any pain. Murderers aren't starved to death, because that would be cruel and unusual. Instead, they are given lethal injections. Why can't we grant the same to the average citizen?
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