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Friday, 18 November 2005

     I’ve got a cold.  I got it when we were deer hunting and we had to spend the evening out in the freezing sleet for 2-3 hours straight soaked to the skin in high winds while we got deer out of the woods, and out of the fields, and hung up out of reach of critters.  It’s been pretty much kicking my ass the last week.

     Today, I went to the gym and just put in forty minutes running 5.5 mph on the treadmill…just trying to get something done.  Did a little lifting.  I felt a little better after that.  It lasted about forty minutes.

     I grabbed some sushi and sushimi from the local over-priced yuppified supermarket.  They have a chef right there in the store that does everything fresh every day.

     I slathered everything I ate with wasabi, and breathed deeply after every bite, feeling the delicious cleansing burn of wasabi working its way into my sinuses and bronchial tubes.

     Oh, heaven is a clear upper respiratory system.  It lasted about twenty minutes.

     I would have sushi for dinner as well but even a wasabi lover like me has their limits.  Maybe tomorrow if the cold has not gotten better, I will earn myself another few glorious moments of non-congestion.

     Lemon-honey tea is also good.  Not quite the life-restorer that wasabi is, but easier to take in repeated doses.


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