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Monday, 12 November 2007

Neil at 4 Simpsons has the answer to poverty!  Turning female sexuality into a commodity traded away for life in exchange for financial security.

Theobromophile chimes in with a lovely quote from Ann Coulter which implies that sexual virtue is the sole responsibility of women (at least, I assume what it means.  After all, I don't think Ann Coulter is THAT clueless about sex that she thinks "keep your knees together until marriage" would help boys avoid pregnancy at all.  I realize that in order to practice what she preaches, Ann would have to be the virgin ice queen of conservatism, but she must have picked up SOME information SOMEWHERE)

Theobromophile then goes on to pontificate about how girls who have sex don't have time to do schoolwork, athletics, go to the movies or play mini-golf.

Make me wonder just how much time sex actually takes anyway.  Am I doing it wrong?  Granted, I didn't have sex in Highschool either, but I can't imagine that it takes THAT much more time for a teenager than for a young married 20-year-old (I got through college with a 3.9, sometimes held down two jobs at once, and occasionally went out to the movies or drinking with my buddies.  No mini-golf, though.  Mini-golf is just lame.)

Of course, now that I'm forty there's probably no point, and even less safety in learning whatever techniques highschool girls have mastered that makes sex take enough time to crowd out all other activities.

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