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Thursday, 25 January 2007

From the Southern Poverty Law Center, an article about how Kevin Strom, founder of National Vanguard (a white supremacist organization) has been arrested on charges of child pornography.


One quote I liked from the article goes like this:


"If Kevin's genuinely guilty," one extremist wrote on the racist Stormfront web forum shortly after the arrest, "then the credibility of his work -- indeed the credibility of all intelligent White nationalist work -- will be severely crippled, and we shall be reduced to apologetics for years to come."


I'm amazed that anyone can say something like that with a straight face.  Kevin's "work" never had any credibility.  There is no such thing as "intelligent White nationalist work".  It's always been severely crippled, and I don't think it's RISEN to the level of apologetics yet, and it never will.  These people are so demented, they actually think they have credibility to lose.


Also, April Gaede, mother of the twin girls that form the band "Prussian Blue" (I've mentioned them before) gets in on the act with a (surprise, surprise) conspiracy theory.  These white supremacists DO like their conspiracy theories.


One other woman spoke up, too. April Gaede, a long-time National Alliance activist who quit that group to help Strom form National Vanguard, told the VNN web forum that Strom had called her in March 2006, four months before he took his mysterious leave of absence. Strom "told me that [Elisha] had found some porn on his computer and that it was of adult females but that she freaked out and called him a pervert," Gaede wrote. "Then he told me that she had threatened to 'get even' with him and that he was afraid that she would plant something on his computer."  (emphasis mine)

Even more priceless, is a heartfelt plea from one of the membership for a nice, normal hate-filled fascist paranoid conspiracy-minded racist leader for their demented little group.  Is that too much to ask?

"Why can't we have so much as one single leader who is just simply NORMAL? Why must there always be these weird little kibbles and bits, these little oddities, these little bits of quirky behavior lurking in the background of everything we do?" the E-mail from "Peter Dromgoole" to Bill White's website asks plaintively. "Why do we even bother? Is this really, truly, THE BEST WE CAN DO?"

Yes, indeed, the silly pedophile "quirk" is such an inexplicable inconvenience.

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Thursday, 25 January 2007 21:27:03 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
The Onion has an absolutley marvelous take on this thing -

It's quite funny and brutally pointed.
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