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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Dump Bachmann is in overdrive.

Take a look at this article detailing her "close associations" with unsavory radical leftists from the '60's.


The first one was part of a group called “O” which apparently took over a warehouse with an army of thugs armed with pipes, firebombed a truck, and reportedly had a large weapons cache in Minneapolis.  Then he worked closely with Bachmann trying to promote PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) and then went to prison for taking bribes as a Minneapolis City Councilman.


I didn't fact check it, but I’m sure someone will.  In the mean-time, just treat it like entertainment.  And really, read the whole thing because the story of the second "Radical" is hilarious. (Hint:  It's Norm Coleman and evidentally he used to smoke a LOT of pot)


Ya know, I’m re-thinking my position.  I now think Bachmann is right.  Perhaps we SHOULD do an exhaustive search into the histories and associations of our nation’s leadership.  Not to ferret out any “un-American” views…but just because what the country needs right now is a good, hearty belly laugh…


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