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Sunday, 27 June 2010

On the way up to the North Shore, Rocky and I recently stopped for gas at a place (I think it was called "Ray's Place", but don't quote me on that).


The gas was horribly over priced, but we found ourselves on the bottom of the tank, and couldn't risk there not being another stop for a while.


I walked in to use the bathroom, and my ears were assaulted by the screaming rage coming from the radio. Some British guy ranting on and on about the "Obama Agenda".


The bathroom was filthy, so I was grateful for the sanitary wipes that moms seem to always need to carry around in their purses.


Then I went to pick up some water and soda. The radio had gone to ads about how our families were under assault, and men need to know what to do and have the right guns to protect their families...the onimous music in the background made it hard to follow the words, so I don't know what the ads were selling besides fear.


As I gathered together the things we wanted to buy, the two people staffing the store were stocking shelves and one guy (Ray, I assume) was ranting and raving about how hard it was to stay in business with the government taking all his money (I couldn't help think that maybe he'd get more business if he lowered his prices to attract business besides those who just happened to get caught in front of his store with an empty tank.)


While I waited at the counter, he held forth on how "nobody wanted to work for a living anymore"..they just wanted a hand-out from hard-working guys like him who actually do all the work in society.


The riff meandered on to "all the damned Mexicans taking our jobs and living on welfare"...He hopped on that dead horse for quite some time. So long, I was waiting in anticipation, hoping that eventually, a Mexican WOULD come along and take his job so I could pay for my darned merchandise.


Eventually, he came over and said "You're too patient and quiet, why didn't you tell me you were ready?"


Retorts such as "I didn't feel like telling you what to do. I'm a liberal, and we like to let people do things on their own." or "Because I figured you'd shoot me" or "No Comprendo Engles."flashed through my head, but I just shrugged and fished in my purse for my wallet. I didn't want to start something with this guy in the middle of nowhere when I had other places to be. We'd gotten going sort of late, and this trip was supposed to LOWER my husband's blood pressure...something that would not happen if he had to pull me out of a fist-fight with a local merchant.


Anyway, he goes on to ask me "You ever get on the Internet?"

"Occasionally". (lol)

"Well, here's some sites you should look at to find out what's REALLY going on in this country."

"You gotta get over there and see THIS GUY . Do it soon, because he's risking his life to get the truth out."

"Risking his life?"

Oh yeah. "The'll kill him for the things he's saying."

The guy is wearing a tee-shirt that compares Obama to Mugabe (I think. Fringe people - right and left- use so much short-hand it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what they mean) I don't have to ask if he is serious.

I pay and leave.


I was happy to see that Rocky has to go in and use the facilities. Then he would'nt think I'm crazy when I tell him about this guy.


Since Alex Jones is going to be murdered by the Obama administration soon, I guess I better put this up for you to see soon.

UPDATE:  WE went back again this year for a camping trip on Rainy Lake.  We drove past Ray's Place and there was a sign out front that said "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to GOD".  There was a nice, polite girl working the cash register, and she had the radio turned to some inoffensivly bland country music.  The bathroom was cleaned.  I don't think she was Mexican, but hopefully Ray figured out that he should stick with "being a job provider" rather than actually working.  The gass was still horribly overpriced, so we didn't buy any of that, but we got some ice.  That was also over-priced, but you was ice.  There's only so much you can inflate the price on an low-cost item like that, and we only needed a liuttle bit.

Oh, and one thing I forget to mention was still there...a wall fetischizing the local youths serving in the military.  Huge pictures of them in their uniforms with maudlin images of 9/11, flowers, and horrible unimaginative and clunky quotes.

I've seen nice, respectful beautiful rememberances of local youth in the military, and I appreciate them.  This was not one of those.  It looked more like the creepy attic shrines that television stalker/killers build to their victims.  No candles, though.  Just pictures of candles.  Probably the horrible oppressive fire marshal stepped on his rights and wouldn't let him have real ones.

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Monday, 28 June 2010 07:37:19 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
OK, first off, does the picture of Alex Jones resemble the "dramatic hamster?"
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