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Saturday, 15 March 2008

I taught Kung Fu for seven hours straight today.  After about four hours, I stopped doing everything my students did, but I still had to do almost constant demos to help them.

When I am demo-ing for students, I like to model perfect form and explosive power.  Sometimes, when I am just refershing their memory, I will be more relaxed, and not go deep into the stances, or preform the moves with full power.  However, the first time I teach them the moves, and any time I am critiquing their technique, I like to put everything into being the best example I can be.

I am completely exhausted right now.  It hurts to sit in any one position for too long, or even to lay down in one position too long.  Every part of my body seems over-sensitive.

Legend has it that the monks used to train to the point where they collapsed.

Well, I wasn't quite there, but I WILL say that I think I will go and hang out in the steam shower for a little while now...thanks.  Do some Yoga in a 115 degree, steam-filled room and hopefully I will be able to go and train tomorrow.

I'm too old for this shit.  :-)

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