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Sunday, 27 April 2008


Welcome to Sunday morning prostration.

(which, as Vala observed, is not nearly as much fun as it sounds)


Hallowed are the Ori!

Hallowed are the Ori!

Hallowed are the Ori (Bemidji is still an Ori strong-hold)

Hallowed are the Ori! (Jesus still hates taxes)

And speaking of the Ori...go take a look at this guy, and tell me he isn't one of their priors.  AllI can say is, we're in trouble when a man named Kahn allignes hiself with enemies of earth.  :-)

Kah-h-h-hn!!!!!!  LOL


[Update:  I think Ben Stein is angling for a priorship]



(Hat tips:  Pharyngula and Denialism)


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