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Saturday, 12 May 2007

We attended The Music Man last night at Central Middle School.  Adventure Boy is playing tuba in the pit orchestra.  They did a very good job, and it was a lot of fun to see the results of all of their hard work.  The costuming was very impressive, the Barbershop quartet was cool.  Overall the acting was good, the primary characters were very good, nobody did a bad job.

In particular, there was the scene where the local piano teacher, her Irish mother, and a young piano student are in the same room together.  I actually forgot, for most of that whole scene, that every actor in that scene were actually the same age.  The Irish mother seemed middle aged.  The young 20-something piano teacher seemed like a young 20-something, and the little girl seemed like a little girl.  Yet they were all seventh-or-eight-grade girls.

Also, the people sitting next to me (a couple of youth pastors) were very proud of their son, who played the creepy bald salesman who was after the Music Man.  The mother told me that he hadn’t wanted that role, because he had to play a mean, creepy character, and he was worried people wouldn’t like him.  He did a REALLY good job.  I had the creepy-crawlies after the scene he had with the piano teacher.  He is a very talented young man.  Too bad his mother tells me that he won’t be doing drama in High School, because he is afraid people will think he’s gay.  More proof that homophobia is everybody's problem.

Despite the enjoyability of the musical, it's educational value, and it's positive influence on Adventure' Boy's sense of fun with his music, it’s time for the Central Middle School’s run of The Music Man to end.  I don’t mind running Adventure Boy to five rehearsals per week.  I don’t mind shelling out check after check for a “crew” shirt or matching Converse All Star basketball shoes so he can be identified as a member of the pit orchestra, or pizza money for the all-day weekend rehearsals, and another for the cast party afterwards, or watching the list of unfinished schoolwork pile up on his school website (while the estimates of his grades drop no matter how temporarily).  I don’t mind him wandering the house humming the songs from the musical over and over and over again with his fingers working imaginary valves, or having to run to the store and by forty snack bars and forty drink boxes because it’s his turn to bring the after-rehearsal snack. .

But it’s starting to affect his thinking.

I was reading this introductory paragraph aloud to Rocky from the Blog “Think outside the cage

The Colorado Department of Corrections director told local officials Wednesday that inmate numbers are growing at a rate of “one prison a year” and more needs to be done to reduce recidivism before budgetary problems get further out of hand.


Adventure boy immediately sang out, with great dramatic flair, “What we need is a BOY’S BAND!”

Enough is enough.

Although, come to think of it, a band might not be such a bad idea after MIGHT stand a chance of getting the funding for it if you could somehow make it a "faith-based initiative".  A prison Gospel band?  Hmmm...

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