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Friday, 18 April 2008

Those darned intellectual elite...

Alway putting down the plucky dissenters who challenge the academic "consensus":



"The so called 'intelligentsia' always looks down with a really limitless condescension on anyone who has not been dragged through the obligatory schools and had the necessary knowledge pumped into him. The question has never been: What are the man's abilities? but: What has he learned? To these 'educated' people the biggest empty-head, if he is wrapped in enough diplomas,is worth more than the brightest boy who happens to lack these costly envelopes.And so it was easy for me to imagine how this ' educated ' world would confront me, and in this I erred only in so far as even then I still regarded people as better than in cold reality they for the most part unfortunately are.  As they are, to be sure, the exceptions, as everywhere else, shine all themore brightly. Thereby, however, I learned always to distinguish between the eternal students and the men of real ability."

                                                                       --Adolph Hilter:  Mein Kampf (all quotes from Mein Kampf taken from this link)

"Not the smallest blame for the none too delectable religiousconditions must be borne by those who encumber the religious idea with toomany things of a purely earthly nature and thus often bring it into a totallyunnecessary conflict with so-called exact science. In this victory willalmost always fall to the latter, though perhaps after a hard struggle,and religion will suffer serious damage in the eyes of all those who areunable to raise themselves above a purely superficial knowledge."

                                                                     --Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf


And as for the materialists with the economic solutions based on facts and knowledge...don't even get him started!  That leads to atheism, and even Hitler knows that's not good!


"In proportion as economic life grew to be the dominant mistress of the state, money became the god whom all had to serve and to whom eachman had to bow down. More and more, the gods of heaven were put into the corner as obsolete and outmoded, and in their stead incense was burned tothe idol Mammon. A truly malignant degeneration set in; what made it most malignant was that it began at a time when the nation, in a presumably menacing and critical hour, needed the highest heroic attitude. Germany had to accustom herself to the idea that some day her attempt to secure her daily bread by means of 'peaceful economic labor' would have to be defended by the sword."

(also Adolph Hitler, also Mein Kampf)


And I'd love to hear a conservative debate Hitler on the traitorous nature of the liberal press in war-time:


"The so-called liberal press was actively engaged in digging the grave of the German people and the German Reich."

                                      (also Adolph Hitler, also mein Kampf)


I'm sure they would have a very nice counter-argument for how opposition to ill-concieved millitarism is a primary function of the press, a national duty, really to preserve a nation's honor and treasure.  THEY'D give old Hitler what-for!

But they'd probably agree with him about the horrors of "safe sex". (link about the inventor of the latex condom)


"Particularly with regard to syphilis, the attitude of the leadership of the nation and the state can only be designated as total capitulation.To fight it seriously, they would have had to take somewhat broader measures than was actually the case. The invention of a remedy of questionable characterand its commercial exploitation can no longer help much against this plague.Here again it was only the fight against causes that mattered and not the elimination of the symptoms. The cause lies, primarily, in our prostitution of love. Even if its result were not this frightful plague, it would nevertheless be profoundly injurious to man, since the moral devastations which accompany this degeneracy suffice to destroy a people slowly but surely. This Jewification of our spiritual life and mammonization of our mating instinct will sooner or later destroy our entire offspring, for the powerful children of a natural emotion will be replaced by the miserable creatures of financial expediency which is becoming more and more the basis and sole prerequisite of our marriages.Love finds its outlet elsewhere."

(Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf)

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Friday, 18 April 2008 22:49:04 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Yep. Hitler and his buddies railed against liberals/liberalism and intellectuals, pushed to outlaw abortion, warned that people of different colors were breeding more than whites, insisted that they had to have unchecked power for the sake of national security, showered his buddies with additional wealth and privilege at taxpayer expense... and some people look at me funny when I mention these facts, as if they don't want to face it... or think it's about time that someone in America followed in Hitler's footsteps...
Saturday, 19 April 2008 07:06:34 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)

I know, I used to suggest, when people insisted that Hitler was a liberal, an atheist, a "Darwinist" that they actually READ Mein Kampf and find out for themselves what he said...

...then I realized that it would more likely just convert them to Nazism, and I stopped.
Saturday, 19 April 2008 07:13:08 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I'd also like to point out that there is no "proof" that Hitler was actually sincerre in any of his professions of belief (there's no proof anyone is)...there is no denying his consistant public protestations that not just religion, but RELIGIOUS CLARITY, in otherwords, SOUND DOCTRINE, was absolutly essential for the moral health of a society, and also that the moral health of the society was the foundation upon which every other good thing rested, health, wealth, power,etc.

And his actions bore that out. His troops went into battle with the words "Gott Mit Uns" on their belt buckles.

I remember the story of Hansi, which i read when I was very little, which detailed how she was pulled into the Hitler Youth by the religious and moral messages of the group...but she remembered one thing that caused her to turn her back on the party: Jesus was a Jew.

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