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Sunday, 27 March 2005

Yesterday I did a practice run of my black belt test.  I did better than I expected.  My forms need to be faster and I need to cut out a few small hesitations where I used to make mistakes, but my accuracy and power are excellent.


The kicks…well…sweeps are still a sticking point and will be worse on the mats, but they are improving and another week of work will only be beneficial.  The jump reverse heel kick needs much work…as well as the jump side- jump reverse side combo.  I need to smooth out the three-technique combos. (jump reverse outside swing – reverse sweep – tornado and reverse sweep –jump reverse outside swing – tornado).  I need to turn my double – jump snap kick into a thrust kick.


Kip up:  Yeah, right.  Luckily all we have to demonstrate is that we know how the technique works…not that we can actually do it.


Ab routine: 150 crunches, 200 bicycle sit-ups, 20 v-sits all to be completed in a total of less than three minutes; I finished with 15 seconds to spare. J


Push-ups; needs work I did the 25 knuckle pushups no problem…could not do one fingertip push-up…a real step backward as the last time I did it I managed 10.  I need to up my physical therapy on my shoulder.  I need 25 and 25 without stopping.


Chin Na…or self-defense techniques.  I need to work on my reaction time.  I still hesitate on some of these things…not necessarily because I can’t remember one technique…but because I remember all of them, and have trouble choosing.  J


The 3-minute sparring round:  I’m going to have to wait and see.  I have no idea if I’ll have anything left by then.  Three minutes is a long time, because my school does continuous sparring…not point fighting…so the action never stops.  It’s grueling even without the rest of the test.


I just want to pass large portions of the test, and not throw up.

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