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Saturday, 08 April 2006

I thought I’d better do what I can to get this important warning out to everyone I can.  I don’t have a big readership.  Most of you know me personally…but still, every little bit helps.


Agape Press informs me that only Evangelical Fundamentalist (real) Christians can bring true comfort to the afflicted.


Anyone else, especially His Holiness The Dali Llama, who tries to bring comfort to the afflicted actually brings them more danger than their afflictions, and adds to their burden through “false” comfort.  Shame on them.


So, if you are trying to be good and do the right thing, and help people, but you don’t believe that they will burn in hell unless they feel repressed, guilty and weak – and can bend their brain around a Gordian knot of contradiction and illogic – stop trying to help.  You’ll only make things worse.


So, as April 17th approaches, Christians across the country will be praying for the afflicted in the Mayo Clinic.  They will be praying, not for healing of the afflicted…or for God to guide the hands of the doctors, or for inspiration as to what they can do for those poor people.  Nope, they will be praying that these people don’t fall into the trap of being comforted and inspired by this non-believer who is usurping…usurping I say…the power of the people of God who are the only ones truly able to bring relief to those poor people.


I mean, it’s not as if the Bible says WE’RE supposed to visit the afflicted or anything.  We’re busy being pious, home schooling our children and passing laws to make public libraries protect our children from pornography (put that copy of The Great Gatsby in the opaque plastic bags that pornography like that belongs in, mister, or I’ll report you to Homeland Security and shred your library card.)


But just because we aren’t doing it, doesn’t mean that the Dali Llama should.  Without any alternatives to choose from, the poor people might just grasp at straws and get converted to Buddhism.  So, if you don’t believe what you should…stay out of it.  If you DO believe what you should, pray that God will take away all other alternatives that might offer “false” comfort.  Because getting out there and offering the “true” alternative is just too darn much work.


The only way to tell the truth is to first take away all the lies.  Whether we do that through the power of prayer or the power of the “law”…it doesn’t matter.  First, we have to eliminate all the lies…and THEN the truth will be known.  Until then, why bother? 


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Saturday, 08 April 2006 12:29:42 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I just read the library article. I'd be interested in knowing which books are in question. If it's a book that might be used in 5th grade sex-ed, then it probably should stay just where it is, despite containing pictures of sex...being that this is the point of sex-ed.

Also, the article says that books containing sexual subjects should be taken out of the young adult section. Pardon me, but aren't young adults the very people who are needing to know about sex? If they are experimenting with it, then shouldn't they be able to read about it? Removing any sexual material from the young adult section would mean removing most of the coming of age literature.

The article also included topics dealing with homosexuality in the list of inappropriate material. Well, I guess this cuts right to the quick on whether one considers homosexuality normal or deviant. I think that the non-discrimination clause necessary for federal funding should make this particular part of the bill unconstituional.
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