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Monday, 05 February 2007

Ben at EclecticsAnonymous informs me that Evolution Sunday is coming up.

I don't advocate parishoner's pressuring pastors to address a particular subject from the pulpit, and certainly not political issues.  But this is an important social issue that affects our society, and it affects people of faith.  With the attacks on science education around the country, we know that they will come for the science books again, and everyone's children will be the poorer for it.

If you would like to mention it to your pastor/rabbi/imam (as Ben says) I'm sure they would like to know they have this opportunity if they would like.

Many scientists who are people of faith have come out and publicly said that there is no reason for science and faith to be incompatable.

Religious leaders who feel the same now have an opportunity to join them publicly and conspicuously and stand for the search for truth over willfull ignorance.

Here is the website with the pertinant information.

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