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Friday, 21 December 2007

A charming little tale full of whimsey and adventure.  Steamer-punk elements.  A little disjointed in parts, and with a tepid ending that screamed sequal.

In other words, a good story burdoned by it's condition as a movie adaptation of a novel.

Cool effects.  Some really good performances.

Skanky blond villian named "Coulter".

A certain scene I like to call "bowling for cossacks".

All-in-all, it was a nice little family outing.

Awaiting final verdict until after the sequal.

Friday, 21 December 2007 22:18:07 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] |  |  | #
Saturday, 22 December 2007 06:53:06 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
That's our target for our traditional xmas eve movie with Kevin and Brenda. We know there will be a sequal, but we have to watch something until The Hobbit is released.
Tuesday, 25 December 2007 07:23:24 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I enjoyed it. I knew it was going to set up a sequel, so that didn't disasspoint me. The movie did seem a bit quick in parts. I suspect it's trying to fit two much into a single movie. I bet it would fare better with an extended edition DVD ala Lord of the Rings.

Both Kevin and I have purchased the three book combined volume, so I'm anxious to get started on that.

Overall, I'd give it a B+. My comments leaving the theater was that is should have been called "Fellowship of the Compass"... ;-)
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