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Saturday, 05 April 2008

Had a great time at Kung Fu today.  One of the other second degree black belts and I mixed it up with some old-school grappling/strikeing/take-down/groundwork stuff.  It was fun.

I got to show off the superior core-lower-body strength of women fighters.  Men like to think that they have the upper-hand because of superior upper-body strength, but in the end, all that does is put you at risk for letting yourself get put off balance.  Don't get me wrong, upper-body strength is great for climbing trees and chucking spears and stuff, but when it comes to throwing your opponant over your hip, I'll take a nice, low, girlie center of gravity any day. 

I also got to show how rabbit punches (sorry, meant rapid punches.)to the body, comined with knees to the solar plexus and elbows to the jaw can short-circuit a lot of standard wrestling moves.

And yes, I pretty much got powned after my opponant drove his shoulder into my chest, and knocked me into the wall. I wasn't even thinking when he went to back off and I put him into an elbow lock, but I didn't hit him.

Normally, I hold back quite a bit because I am sparring lower-ranked people and it is my responsibility to make sure that neither of us gets injured, and to make sure that they improve and learn.

What's great about this, though is that even thought it LOOKED like we should have been completely wrecked after the fight (knees to the solar plexus, elbows to the jaw, trips, throws, etc. - neither one of us had even a minor injury.

I get more bruises from a tepid sparring match with an intermediate student. 

I got rocked pretty good when my break-fall didn't completly keep my head from hitting the ground after a leg-trap-take-down, but it cleared right away.  No worries. 

 I'm happy endorphine girl now.  It's been a while since baby's been able to play.


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Sunday, 06 April 2008 07:42:15 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
How in the heck y'all martial arteestes don't kill each other is beyond me. :-)
Sunday, 06 April 2008 07:51:02 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Practice absorbing and deflecting shots, and simple working knowledge of just how much impact the other person's body can take.

Medium contact means applying just enough impact to affect the person, but not enough to damage them. Beyond that, the impactee knows how to fal, how to move with the impact (so as not to absorb it all) deflect it with blocks, and other tricks.

Sometimes, there are mistakes. They are often spectacular. ;-)
Sunday, 06 April 2008 20:34:37 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
I'll bet!
Monday, 07 April 2008 10:16:42 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
Salman Kahn,

I deleted your "comment" because it appeared to be spam, and did not contribute to the discussion in any way.

Please try again if you wish to be a commenter. Test comments are not accepted, spam is not accepted. Thank you.
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