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Thursday, 13 April 2006

Conrad Zero demands to know why his house dosen't have convenient power windows like his car.

Here's the link to that...go ahead and read it. 

It surprizes me that a man who used to have a cat (pause for a moment of respect for Gabby, his beloved cat, recently deceased) would ask such a question.

I have a friend who once had an apartment.  In that apartment were many treasured possessions, including an extensive comic book collection, a halogen floor lamp, and a cat.  I'll just let you work out the details, but the story ends with smoke, flames, and high-pressure water damage.

So, imagine if you will, windows that could be opened mechanically with the touch of a button, a cat, a weeks vacation out of town, and thundershowers involving horizontal rain.

Or another recipe; window that could be opened mechanically with the touch of a button, a cat, and a burgler standing outside contemplating the best way to get into your house.

But cats are just one reason not to have power-operated windows.  How about toddlers?  When Adventure Boy was two, I could't figure out why I was having so much trouble with the toilet clogging up.  Turns out, it was very scientific.  Adventure Boy was doing things like flushing rocks, sand, leaves and tiny little army men and matchbox cars, and dangling the end of the toilet paper roll into the water and flushing to watch the suction of the flush roll the toilet paper off the roll.  His attempt fo flush a tennis ball caused him great amusement.

Just bend that creativity to push-button house windows.

Also, teenagers.  Sneaking out of the traditional windows is easy enough.  No need to make it easier.

Nope, give me house windows that can only be opened by a determined adult human and their concious desire to have a window open, thanks.


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