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Sunday, 06 May 2007

Grasshopper and one of his best friends (S-dogg)got into a knock-down fight at Kung Fu yesterday.

Apparently, S-dogg punched Grasshopper in the throat (not a legitamate target), AND hit him a little harder than the "light touch" that they were instructed to use.

So Grasshopper punched back really hard.  They then attacked each other full force, and fell to the ground, whereupon ShiFu broke them up.

I arrived shortly after, and they were not speaking.  As we walked out to the car, I told them a little story about a similar thing happening with me and a friend of mine in the Karate school.  I tried to make it funny and instill in them the idea that one day they would laugh together about this.

By the time I dropped S-dogg off at his house, they were laughing and sharing snacks.

Isn't that just like boys?  All-in with the fight, and then totally over it when it's over.


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