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Friday, 02 December 2005

Take this link, and save it somewhere.

Whenever you hear someone talking on and on about the youth of today and how they're are a bunch of ungrateful, disrespectful, uncaring, self-absobed hoodlems just waiting to go horribly wrong...

...send them this link.

Just so you know, I heard about this from my friend Sue, who sent it to me with a whole list of worthy causes I could choose for my $20 Christmas present from her to go to.  :-)  I'm picking this one.  Thanks Sue.  I not only get a donation made in my name, I get a link to a blog detailing how American civilization isn't going into the toilet with the next generation.


Oh, just in case you DON'T visit the is some information from the site that it might interest you to know:

Every day thousands of Minnesota school children catch their bus at a
shelter's door, hundreds of full-time workers use mats on a floor to get their
night's rest, and many of our most vulnerable community members who
suffer with severe and persistent mental illness fend for themselves on the

  • More than 8,600 people are homeless on any given night in Minnesota.
  • An additional 12,700 are at risk of losing their housing in the immediate
  • Approximately 50% of persons experiencing homelessness are children
    and youth. 41% of homeless children attend two or more schools in one
    year; 75% of homeless children test below grade level in reading.
  • Of homeless adults, 41% are working.
  • The hourly wage required to afford fair market rents in Minnesota is $13.97 per hour.

For further information:

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
122 West Franklin Avenue, Ste 306
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Tel: 612.870.7073
Fax: 612.870.9085


Those statistics are depressing, but what isn't is that we have kids coming up who are committed to changing that.  So my $20 Christmas gift from Sue just keeps on giving, because it lets Casey know that others support her and her committment.

That is all.  Now, go back about your day.


Friday, 02 December 2005 09:45:30 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00) | Comments [2] | #
Friday, 02 December 2005 14:43:39 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
And the hourly wage that your average retail job offers? $8 - $10/hour. The average secretarial job? $10/hour.

The average middle manager only tends to make $40-$50K a year too (that might be $24/hour, but they don't get paid per hour, they are "salaried" - and therefore tend to be expected to work 60-80 hours a week, effectively making them work for $12 - $16/hour).

Yet the average CEO in America makes millions. For either only being a "face" for the corporation, or for "high powered wheeling and dealing" (in other words, being a salesman for the company as a whole).

Dad brings up this comparison: In Europe (where your average schlub gets a full MONTH for vacation), for every $1 that your average schlub makes, the CEO makes $25. On the other hand, in America, for every $1 that your average schlub makes, the CEO makes $180 - how in the HELL is that fair, or even useful.

Of the Forbes "Top 400" richest people in America, all but the lowest 26 are billionaires. And those 26? None of them make less than $900,000,000 per year.

And they wonder why there is something called the "working poor" in America??
Cat Wagner
Friday, 02 December 2005 16:32:34 (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)
So...see? All you need is a two person household with both people working 60-80 hour weeks and paying no attention what-so-ever to the children in order to make the basic needs of a family.

That way, when they come home and are too stressed/exhausted to help little Jimmy with his homework, read a newspaper, attend a political meeting, or do anything but vegitate in front of "Desperate Housewives", they'll never put together why their lives aren't working.

Sure, they'll be mad about it, but they'll blame it on gay people getting married...

...and little Jimmy will be even more ignorant and pliable than they are.

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