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Tuesday, 30 November 2004

     Nothing political today, or poignant either…just the observation of someone who’s brain obviously spends WAY too much time in “sort” mode.

     Today I went Christmas shopping, and bought loads and loads of chocolate for a gift basket for my MIL.  Enough to make her very, very happy, and seriously endanger her life and health.

     Then I decided to go to my favorite Chinese restaurant and have some yummy food for lunch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my backpack with me…so I didn’t have my book, or my journal or my MP3 player…so I had to…you know…notice that there were other people around…

     And some of the people I noticed were three men, somewhat younger than me…although not significantly so…early 30s I’d say…

     They were there at different tables, and didn’t arrive or leave together…but they all had the same “look”…

     Hair grown out way too long for the style of cut they had, and greasy looking…like way too much gel, or just unwashed or something.  They had nice suits on…Cannali, Armani…you know…nice…thread count only dogs can hear…briefcases of buttery-looking leather, shiny watches, manicured nails (one guy was in the buffet line near me)…shoes that looked as though God designed feet to wear them as part of man’s highest good…

…but they all looked like they had rolled out of bed after sleeping off a 3-day speed binge and put on these fine trappings.  One guy, otherwise good-looking,  had a horrible case of red blotchiness.

     Every last one of them were there with people who seemed perfectly normal.  Work-a-day office clothes, moderately nice professional clothes, unremarkable suits…

…it just seemed, you know…weird.

     I mean, if you can get your nails manacured, you would think you know...shower, get a hair cut...splash some cold water on your face...get to the doctor for some Metrocreme for the rosacia...something.

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