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Sunday, 09 March 2008

Uh oh.  I wouldn't want to be in this guy's shoes.

Apparently, he wrote a court decision about a case where he decided that it was a bad idea to let incompetent, abusive, neglectful parents educate their children at home.

And he wasn't careful to word it so that your average homeschooler would understand that it wasn't meant for them personally, just for incompetent, abusive and neglectful homeschoolers.

So they're all up in arms over it.

It's personal now!  I mean, if incompetent, neglectful, and abusive homeschoolers aren't allowed to educate their children at home...where will it end?

I ask you, isn't it time SOMEBODY drew a line in the sand and said "beyond this we shall not pass?"

My goodness, people, if we require parents to adhere to basic state standards for educating their children, if we (as the father so colorfully put it) force the parents to subject their children to educational environments that expose them to "snitches"...

What will the world have come to then?

Well, anyway, don't worry about it, the Govahnatoh is on the case.  He'll put it right.

Here's the offending opinion.  Basically, it says that religious reasons are fine, but you have to meet certain qualifications.  Kind of like avoiding the draft, you can't just say "it's against my religion", and get out of it.

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