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Friday, 23 November 2007

Neil at 4Simpsons drags out the old chestnut about how the religious give more money to charity.

About 30% more, according to the article he cited.

Of course, one MUST remember that "Charitable" giving by the religious include donations to build the corporate mega-church's health club, coffee bar, and movie theater.

Color me unimpressed.

Also fun is the fact that the article he cites says that Conservatives are less wealthy and less educated than liberals...and I seem to recall some fairly staunch claims to the contrary on the part of Neil, and Theobromophile a while back...claiming that conservatives are over-whelmingly wealthier and better educated than liberals (but the liberals are the "effete intellectual elite...just dumb, powerless, uneducated and poor elite who somehow still manage to oppress the terribly burdoned and persecuted conservatives).

...typical attempt to have the broad brush paint both directions.

From where I sit, it seems that the religious conservatives weighted at the extreme ends of the spectrum, the obscenely rich, and the obscenely poor who do their bidding...with another sizeable distribution throughout the almost-upper-middle-class small business owner who is just SURE he's going to be the next Ray Kroc.

(this last is characterized in my mind by my High-School English teacher who sold Herbalife to students and co-workers on school time, came to work every day in a three-peice-suit, took our grammar exercises from books written by Zig Zeigler, Dale Carnegie, and Ray Kroc, and preached loud, bombastic sermons on the importance of realizing that you should be completely servile and agreeable to you boss because he was THE ONE who owned your peon ass.  If you just kow-towed enough over the next fifty years, you might wake up a sucessful millionaire.  who cares if he wanted you to work sixty-hours a week?  You only need four hours of sleep anyway.  I always thought that his eyes bugged out so much because he had some sort of genetic deformity.  However, given the chemical nature of Herbalife at the time he was pushing it, I wonder if there wasn't some other reason, now...anyway, say what you want about the guy, at least he really really hated communists.)

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