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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Grasshopper is ten years old.

He has had a series of writing assignments meant to illustrate various grammar concepts.  The following is his response to an assignment where he was supposed to use verbs in past, present, and future tense:

The Cave

By [name redacted]


     A boy got told by his mother never to go into the Howling Cave, but one day he needed to go.  It was just too mysterious.  So he went with a little food and water and a flashlight.  Later, he didn’t know the way back.

     “I don’t think I packed enough food for me to get lost, and I already feel hungry.” He thought.

     It was dark in the cave.

     “I better turn my flashlight on.”

     Then, he saw yellow eyes.  They were bats!  They started to fly.  A few seconds passed, and he realized he could follow the bats out.

     He ran after the bats, out of the Howling Cave.  When he got home, his mom asked,

     “Where have you been?”

     He said, “At the park.”

     He had mud and scratches all over him.

     “Well, clean off for dinner.  I will find out where you really were eventually.” His mom said. 


The end.


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