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Friday, 19 December 2008

I finally finished helping Grasshopper organize/clean his room.  It took a little more than one day.  I moved everything out of his room, vacuumed, dusted, and then he helped me move stuff back in...just the stuff that had a place to go in his room.  Just the important stuff got to go back in.

Then, we sorted the remaining stuff into piles, stuff to be given away, and stuff to be thrown away, and stuff to be put in storage.

I got him to part with some of his "nature collection".

He got rid of three birds nests, a zip-lock bag containing the mouse bones and other solid waste extracted from dissected owl pellets (he was studying the owl's diet...I blame the school for giving him the idea)...some rocks, and some sticks and leaves and about half of the bird feathers.

Remaining is:  a much smaller collection of bird feathers, the dried skin fragment of an alligator gar (skin, and scales), the jaw-bone of an alligator gar, a collection of rocks and minerals, a couple handfuls of sea shells, a fossilized mausasaurous tooth, and a prehistoric squid fossil.  They all fit in a small shoe box.

We got the artwork down to a small pile of the favorites, managed to eliminate a huge number of toys that will be passed on to younger children, and just generally, got the toys and games and puzzles and projects corralled into various plastic bins that sit neatly on shelves.

There is a bin for the mis-begotten Lego’s creatures that slides under the bed.  He really DOES have monsters under his bed...they are just of his own making, but at least they are no longer collecting dust underfoot.  He assures me it will all be worth it when he becomes rich and famous for winning some design competition that he plans to enter with one of his best friends.

The Dungeons and Dragons manuals, NPC sketches, and the note-books full of master plans for campaigns that will "blow away" his friends with their diabolical complexity and sheer evil genius all fit on one shelf.

The novel-in-progress is in a binder...on a shelf.

Unless this child grows a sense of organization and order, he is destined for a future of only being able to function in a think-tank environment...


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