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Friday, 03 August 2007


This is great and all...I just wish that I could believe that their fervor has nothing to do with the upcoming election.  Then again, THIS is the checks and balances in action.  The legislature putting the check on the Executive.  Perhaps too little, perhaps too late...but it's something we need.  Finally!

Newt Gingrich apparently finds all of these calls for transparency, scruitiny, and accountability too be tedious, however.  And partisan.  Shamefully, shamefully partizan.  Imagine!  Democrats using the machinery of government to represent their interests! It's unAmerican.  Chortle.  Somehow, people seem to forgeth that the framers KNEW that it is difficult, if not impossible to get people to act altruistically in a manner consistant enough to run a government.  So they gave us a government where everyone could get involved and use the tools of government to represent their own interests and nobody could (in theory) get the other over a barrel.

[update:  I had to leave this entry for a while to go run a kid to a class]

One problem is, too many people are abstaining from government and politics because for some reason they think it should be pure and nobel and altruistic and idealistic and the fact that it is not alienates them.  Hey, I'd like that too.  And when someone is being partizan or merely looking after themselves it's appropriate to point that out, but come on, it IS good for the country to have Gonzales questioned.




Doesn't it seem that Newt is saying that Gonzales merely has the APPERANCE of being a big lying cheat...and that it is the unhinged Democrats CREATING that perception completely unfairly?  I read Newts statement as being "It's too bad that the Democrats have ruined this man's reputation, but since they have, he should step down for the good of the country and the party."

Yeah.  So they can put in some other guy to pull the same dirty tricks and we have to go through this whole process again while nothing changes?

Yes, American politics require the constant struggle for accountability...but I'd like the efforts to cause the corruption to at least miss a beat.

(Double Hat Tip:  Frecklescassie)


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