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Sunday, 09 April 2006

Agape Press has an article about how we shouldn’t listen to Dr. Phil.  I agree!  I agree!  I agree?  Really?  With fundamentalist twaddle?  Huh.  I wonder why?


Well, the author says that Dr. Phil doesn’t have the answers because he is a secular humanist pop-culture icon from the feminist-dominated ivory-tower liberal elite.


Uh…is she talking about the same Dr. Phil that I’ve have the displeasure of failing to avoid on occasion?


The guy who brags about how he strong-armed his wife into promising to always look pretty for him, and put his needs first, and keep the house perfect before he would let her have kids?


I’m not buying it.  This is the guy who is bombastic, callous, flippant, and unilaterally judgmental about every aspect of other people’s lives? (Although, to be fair, they DID ask for it – begged for it – probably jumped up and down and screamed for joy like maniacs when they found out they were chosen to be subjected to it)


I’ve seen a few people more snide, more self-aggrandizing, more paternalistic, bullying, authoritarian and generally unsavory than Dr. Phil…but that’s not an endorsement.


But wait, could it be that our dear Agape Press columnist is confused?  Could it possibly be that she has mistakenly attributed her dislike for Dr. Phil to her list of usual suspects, without realizing what her REAL problems are with regards to his Royal Philness?


Could it be that she is actually upset that he is paternalistic, bullying, authoritarian, and demanding of worship?  I mean – It DOES fit a certain profile, and could look like the good Dr. is usurping a position and image she normally reserves for a certain someone whose name alliterates with the German word for “yes” and rhymes with “caraway”.


Just wondering.

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